Why FLOE Craft™

This sport yacht convertible is the ultimate crossover:

  • Performs and maneuvers like a speedboat
  • Provides one-level comfort and entertainment space of a pontoon
  • Never too hot, never too cold. The power roof, door and windows create the perfect environment
  • In just 29 seconds, the cabin, with its power windows, door and roof system transforms quicker than the weather
  • Features high-end yacht quality and craftsmanship
  • Features an open bow, convertible cabin, spacious rear deck and a fully enclosed head
  • Great for tubing, wakeboarding, skiing, parasailing , even barefoot waterskiing
  • Provides luxury, comfort and room for 20 without sacrificing speed and performance
  • Incredible torque puts a full load on plane in seconds

Comfort and Relaxation

Luxurious yacht furniture and full galley options allow you to create the perfect vessel for your needs.

  • Choose from a large selection of seats, loungers and sleepers. All feature stunning fabric and dual-density foam for extreme comfort and support.
  • Floe Craft™ can be configured to hold over 20 people.
  • Optional galley equipment available.
Comfort and Relaxation Comfort and Relaxation Comfort and Relaxation



You’ll feel it in the ride…

  • The Floe Craft™ custom V-Cat™ hull out-performs other hull designs.
  • It banks like a V-hull yet has a wide catamaran stance for exceptional stability.
  • Its unique inverted V-center geometry provides for incredible performance and fuel economy.
  • It planes easy and goes fast with little horsepower.
  • Resin infused foam-core construction won’t rot and is stronger yet lighter than traditional fiberglass construction.