Easy-Level™ Leveling System

With the patented Easy-Level™ leveling leg system and a cordless drill, you can effortlessly install and level your boat lift without getting in the water. Simply turn the nut inside the leg to adjust lift up or down. You are not limited to incremental holes. Here are some of the great benefits the FLOE Easy-Level™ System has to offer:

  • Infinite Adjustment
  • No Pins to Align
  • One Person Job
  • Easy Seasonal Adjustment
  • Raises installation wheels off the ground

Easy-Level™ leveling legs come standard on all FLOE vertical Boat Lifts.  No need to purchase add-on leveling systems that add cost and weight to your boat lift.

Easy-Level™ and wheel kits. The ultimate combination.

If you have straight in/straight out access for your lift, you can simply add two pair of wheels.
Lift installation is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Raise the Easy-Level™ leveling legs with your cordless drill.
  2. Pull the lift into position with boat or by hand.
  3. Use your cordless drill to lower the Easy-Level™ leveling legs until the lift is level and the wheels are off the bottom.